‘Super Saturday’

There is a small Roman household god (a Lar) on display at the Guildhall Museum in Rochester that found its way back out of the dark after several hundred years.

This is something I wrote about it for the ‘Ten Songs for a Lar’ project.

It seems right to share it on Super Saturday.


subtidal channels

by the unsure foreshore of future Frindsbury
we collapsed slowly into the wine and blasted
chalk     worshipping the hours we had lost

other selves will attempt to quarry your secrets
test you    see if you are worthy to be saved   
awaken you to praise and interrogation

moving on      unshielded to the living breeze
you return to your work as a god      uncorrupted
still not quite certain if it’s safe to bare all

not cemented in time    subtidal channels
will cut bronchi into the mud      mute
they will wash back    answering only to the moon         

just believe  


© Graham Palmer 2020

This poem was included in ‘Poetry and Covid’, a project funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, University of Plymouth, and Nottingham Trent University. Visit Subtidal Channels (poetryandcovid.com)

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