Cracked Voices

Recently, Graham’s texts formed the basis for a song cycle composed by Jenni Pinnock. Cracked Voices premiered at Anglia Ruskin University in 2018.

Digital downloads, a CD and a 48 page pamphlet are available from the shop.

He is currently writing a historical biography. For updates follow him on Twitter.

Incredibly moving, profound, ground-breaking – Audience feedback

The poems explore the lives of ordinary people down the ages, delving into Celtic mysticism, German POWs celebrating Hitler’s birthday at a nearby English camp, a migrant woman giving birth on the highway, to resonant evocations of a meeting between a local man and Charles Dickens…Jenni Pinnock’s settings are apt and seldom predictable, fresh-faced when required, more withdrawn and ambiguous when the poetry calls for greater shades of meaning. – Music Web International

Two voices weave their songs between simple and spacious clarinet and piano… Palmer’s stories and poems truly bring these cracked voices to life; Jenni Pinnock’s compositions take them to another level. – International Times

an incredible project  – Cambridge105

inspirational – Royston Crow

very powerful  – HCR104fm

Explores ‘new parameters of the song cycle’ – So You Want to Sing music by Women (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019) – Matthew Hoch/Linda Liste