Facing Rob Roy

Thursday 13 September – Saturday 6 October 2018
Royston and District Museum

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the publication of Walter Scott’s novel Rob Roy, this one-off pop-up exhibition explores the changing faces of Scotland’s ‘Robin Hood’. From Macready to Liam Neeson, from Barcelona to Broadway. Vintage playbills, cinema lobby cards, illustrations and twentieth century comics explore the constant recreation of the Scottish folk hero.

Pop-up talk by Graham Palmer,
Saturday 15 September 2018, 11am
Royston and District Museum

In books, films and musicals, Rob Roy has been celebrated for centuries as a ‘highland rogue’ but just how much is true? Discover the layers of fiction that have ensured this eighteenth century’s outlaw’s survival into the 21st century.

Graham Palmer is a freelance researcher and writer.


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