Finding Roger Britten…

KJAR Boyz Choir in the recording studio

Proceeding up-stairs we came first against a printing press, with which an intelligent looking African was printing off copies of a handbill…

Herts Guardian, Agricultural Journal, and General Advertiser
Saturday 17 May 1856

I was not looking for Roger, but those words in an article about a small-town exhibition had me hooked.

– Why was there a presumption that an African shouldn’t be intelligent?
– What was the journey that had brought him here?
– Surely, he wasn’t an exhibit?
– Why did the newspaper think he didn’t warrant a name?

And so the search began and the Roger Britten slowly emerged…from British Guyana to Royston Hertfordshire, from collector’s piece to the Queen’s printer. 

Read the full story (part 1 & part 2) on the Hertfordshire Memories website.

And hear the song that KJAR Boyz Choir wrote about Roger, who like every printer wanted to make a good impression.

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